rotary hoist clothes line shade cover


EASY! -- To ensure your hoist is reasonably square, go to the end of one of the arms and just measure the length, of the VERY outside line from one arm to the next arm. Do the same for the remaining three arms. Each of the four outside lengths, should be the same or reasonably close to.
Just phone or email your four measurements to confirm what size suits.


  1. Lower hoist
  2. Check top centre cap of hoist for any sharp projections (a piece of padding can be placed on top if necessary)
  3. Spread the cover evenly with care over the hoist, lining up the cover corners with the ends of the hoist arms.
  4. Lace the long cord (enclosed), through the eyelets to the very outside line and corners of the hoist. Do not overtighten as being taut is sufficient for secureness.
  5. Occasionally check cover tautness for water run off and fold back in very excessive winds.
  6. If you desire, your cover can also be reversed!


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