rotary hoist clothes line shade cover

Rotary Hoist Clothesline Shade Covers provide great shade for the kids to play under, extra space to entertain and protection for your clothes from the elements

Rotary Hoist Clothes Line Shade Cover

A new unique practical gift for all occasions!

Fits easily to your clothes line hoist, providing rain and stain protection, for all your washing. Prevents colour fading and drying harshness. Ideal for both older style and fold up hoists.

Dry your clothes even in wet weather, leaving your clothes smelling fresh. No more need for re-washing or using expensive dryers!

Stops bird droppings, fruit and tree stains from spoiling your clothing

Totally waterproof and why not convert your hoist into a delightful shady marquee?

Great for entertaining, without the harmful UV rays.

Ideal for kids to play under and don't forget your pets!

Top quality PVC material... Australian designed... Ideal gift... Every home should have one!

Small $130/Large $150 includes postage

Phone: 0403 726 189 or 07 5530 6106